rachael white- clairvoyant - healer - vibrational aromatherapy 

RADIANCE REIGNITED- Rachael White is interviewed by the renowned psychotherapist Elisabeth Scheffer

There seems to be an epidemic of women DOING more than ever but FEELING less fulfilled.

If it seems like you are just doing and doing for others stuck in self sacrifice and people pleasing mode
Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed and craving more beauty, more meaning, more of YOU
You are not alone!

I'd love to show you a beautiful new way to live as a woman which is why I'm so excited to be speaking on the telesummit hosted by my colleague and renowned psychotherapist Elisabeth Scheffer.

I'm taking a stand for women honoring their worth, owning their power and experiencing the pleasure, femininity and fulfillment that is our birthright.

If you are ready for more beauty, energy and happiness please join us for this free 25 day summit Radiance Reignited. A collection of wonderful speakers from across the globe talking on a range of topics to support women. This includes myself. I talk to Elisabeth about healing from depression and anxiety naturally and I give Elisabeth the low down on my new book. JOIN US today. There is no cost for this event. Blessings



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