rachael white- clairvoyant - healer - vibrational aromatherapy 


Are you ready to live a spiritually guided life?

Are you ready to be a Soul champion?


It’s time to move from an ego-driven life to a soul directed life where the soul champions the intuitive co-creation of your life so you live in harmony with the souls purpose, trust the power of intuition to lead a spiritually abundant life.


As we usher in the New Age, I have developed a new paradigm for healing along with vibrational prescriptions that acknowledge the soul and the multidimensional nature of human beings.

As we explore spirituality, health, and well-being through the experience of the soul we come to understand that the soul incarnates to evolve, heal, and reach a higher state of consciousness in a quest to create a spiritually guided life.

By using the Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions—an alternative to pharmaceutical prescriptions—you can seek the guidance of archangels and heal more quickly as you create a powerful, high- vibrational channel that aligns your energy with the energy of the angels.

Emotional issues and spiritual and lifestyle goals are all supported by the relevant Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions for the purpose of healing and transformation.



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