rachael white- clairvoyant - healer - vibrational aromatherapy 


Never in a million years did I believe this was remotely possible.

I told my husband never to tell anyone what happened to us — ever — because people would think we were mad!

The medical profession kept telling me....

“Sorry, there’s nothing more we can do for you.”

I called out for help.

I hoped.

And just as I was at my wit’s end, the heavens opened up and in they came.

I’m an ordinary Australian woman who had an extraordinary, life-changing experience.

And this can happen to you, too.

When you are confronted with hopelessness in your life, you can face a time of profound transformation.

This is Rachael's first book which documents her extraordinary life-changing journey to heal her family’s incurable illnesses, as she shares the knowledge and wisdom she gained when she opened up to living a spiritually-guided life.

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