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Full Moon Ritual Kit - SPECIAL OFFER



Full Moon rituals are a wonderful way to clear, cleanse and purge from our lives anything that no longer serves us. We can hold onto old wounds, get stuck in behaviour patterns, and generally feel blocked. Our emotional health is usually highlighted during this time and any deep emotional healings are drawn to the surface by the gravitation pull of the full moon.

As the full moon gains energy the gravitational pull draws up negative energy that is maybe bubbling away under the surface. We can find ourselves emotionally all over the place as healings surface to be released.

This is a wonderful time to heal. As you maximise the power of the full moon energy to release, purge and cleanse away all that no longer serves you. This allows for you to clear the way for powerful manifestations under the new moon.

Guided by the angels I have put together this wonderful full moon ritual kit to support you to maximise your healing by drawing down on this energy.

The step by step full moon ritual is included in my book accompanied with all the archangel aromatherapy oils you need to really experience a powerful healing under the full moons energy. I have also discounted the kit as my gift to you to get you up and running


1 x I AM a Soul Champion: How to live a spiritually guided life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity and Archangel Aromatherapy - My new book has the step by step ritual for you.

1 x 5ml bottle of No.1 Clear & Protect- Archangel Michael Natural Concentrate for your diffuser and your bath so you can clear your energy and the energy in your space.

1 x 30ml of No.1 Clear & Protect- Archangel Michael Perfume Body oil to be applied to the body to support healing

1. x No.1 Clear & Protect- Archangel Michael Mist to you can mist the intentions your write out to he released.

1 x No.10 Peace by Archangel Haniel Natural Perfume Body Oil for supporting you to bring Peace into your life and support your moon magic.

Full Moon Ritual Kit - SPECIAL OFFER

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