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Aroma Diffuser- Copper & Cast Iron

This stunning copper and cast iron aroma diffuser gently warms the essential oils to diffuse archangel aromatherapy concentrated oils into your space.

A diffused essential oil creates a high vibrational and therapeutic aroma that interacts with your energy and is inhaled into the body.

The copper diffuser has a shallow copper dish at the top. This is where the essential oil is dropped into and water is added.

We only use neat / concentrated organic essential oils of therapeutic grade in a diffuser. So the 5ml Concentrates in the Archangel Aromatherapy range.

Allow for between 2-8 drops of oil into the copper dish. Then add water (preferably filtered or distilled) and fill as much as you can without over spilling. By using an essential oil diffuser we gently warm the oils to diffuse the aroma into the room. You can top up oil and water as often as you like. The heat source is a tealight that sits at the bottom of the holder below.Essential oils can develop a thick paste in the diffuser. It is advisable to clean your diffuser after or before use to maximise aroma diffusion. To clean use rubbing alcohol on the copper dish then wash with soapy water and rinse throughly with clean water so no soapy residual fragrance is left in the copper dish.

WARNINGS: This oil diffuser has a shallow copper dish and can become very hot. Do not handle when heated. Use the cast iron handle. Never leave an unattended candle burning and always burn on a non-flammable surface. Keep out of reach of children and pets. The copper bowl must be monitored and the water replenished so as to not burn the oils.

Aroma Diffuser- Copper & Cast Iron

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