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Angel Readings


Angel readings are similar to psychic readings except they work directly with the angelic realm and spiritual guides.

Angel Readings are a beautiful, non-denominational spiritual method that involves communicating directly with angels to bring you loving guidance, support and advice for any area of your life.


The archangels one of the nine choirs of angels they are the chief messengers from God, Source, Creator, or Universe—whomever you spiritually align with. They are non-denominational, which means they are not aligned with any particular religion, although they have been written about in spiritual texts of many of the world’s religions. Therefore, archangels work with people of all beliefs and paths. In truth, they will work with anyone who calls on them—always and forever.

Archangels are extremely powerful celestial beings. Each archangel has a special area of focus to support us to heal, create, and transform our lives. They are also the overseers of the guardian angels who are usually with us from birth.

We don’t worship angels; we work with them like a group of great spiritual friends and family that are available to provide us with loving guidance and support whenever we need it. They are available to all of us for spiritual guidance and support

Spirit guides are different to talking to angels. Spiritual guides are usually human beings that have lived on the earth plane before. They work very closely with the angels.Your spirit guide is someone that may be with you from birth or who you may call on or they come to you at certain points in your life.


Maybe you need some direction, healing and guidance about a life area, spiritual goals or emotional issue or concern. Or maybe you just want to make a connection with your angels and see what advice and guidance they have for you in this moment and how you can continue to work with them.

Angels are beautiful protectors and guides that when you call on them and provide high vibrational, loving guidance for any aspect of your life.

Angel Readings are a wonderful way to connect with the angels and spirit guides so you can receive clear messages, advice, guidance and healing about anything of concern in your life.


All Angel Readings are conducted via Skype, FaceTime or Phone. No matter where you are in the world, I can connect with you.

During an angel reading I will communicate with Archangels primarily but also guardian angels and spiritual guides to channel through messages.

Il work with the fifteen archangels and I use the Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions to invoke the Archangels to bring the messages through for you in a strong and clear way.The Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions are a powerful invocation tool that supports the ability to receive powerful high vibrational messages, guidance and healing.

Included in the cost of an angel reading the After our session I will prescribe an angelic prescription that she will post out to support your ongoing healing and invocation.

All Angel Readings include the cost of an Archangel Aromatherapy prescription in the 30ml Perfume Body Oil.


60mins = A$145.00*

1.5 hour session: A$185.00 *

*Each session you receive a 30ml Archangel Aromatherapy prescription in 30ml Perfume Body oil posted for free)

Payment can be made via our online store or before the session begins using credit card facilities. Payment must be received before sessions. Once you make payment online we will be in contact to book in session and will post out your archangel aromatherapy prescription.


Bookings with Rachael can become booked up and her schedule busy so there may be a waiting period. Once you make your purchase online an email will automatically inform us of your purchase and we will make contact to book in the session.

If you want to explore session times before you make a purchase, please CONTACT US and we will see what availability we have.

Privacy and Advice
Angel Healings and Readings are not a substitute for medical or psychological care. If you require the care of a licensed health care professional, please ensure that you contact an appropriate authority in your state. All client information is kept private and no information is passed onto third parties. My sessions also do not substitute for financial or legal advice.

Angel Readings

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