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Transformation, Change, Dreams...Super Moon super charged

Transformation, Change, Dreams...Super Moon super charged

At 12.50pm we moved into the potent energy of the full moon in September. The first full moon of spring.

Its a super [owerful and polarising energy will support transformation and the realisation of dreams with big changes at hand.This full moon is an eclipse and a supermoon, meaning that the moon will be at its closest point all year in its elliptical orbit making it appear larger in the night sky than a typical full moon. The energy will be more powerful as this moon is from a rare series of four full lunar eclipses each spaced out six months apart, known as a lunar tetrad. 

Create, Transform and Change. This is a great energy for transformation, change and dreams. As the Aries-Libra polarity highlights Aries the 'self' and the Libran sun is 'others'. Transformation of the self, our relationship with ourself and with others. This can go either way. A release of relationships or aspects of the self that no longer serve us in a profoundly healing and loving way that shifts us into a completely new way of Be-ing. Or, our relationships with the self and others intensifies and new relationships are formed to create wonderful new partnerships.

This moon energy is so inspiring as it casts its moon beams with divine energy deep into your souls for potent support for all you desire. The more you surrender and trust this energy the deeper it flows and release's all that no longer serves to support.

The full moon is all about release, surrender and of course, letting go! The more you release the more you allow to flow into your life. Super moon, eclipse energy is when the big 'shift' happens. You have been building to this point so whatever you have been focusing on this super moon will bring the desired energy to really move things forward abundantly. Release all that no longer serves you so that what you desire can be realised. Abundantly.

Tune in my friends and take full advantage of this energy whilst you can because the next total lunar eclipse falling on a superman won't happen again until 2033.

P.S You can also hold intentions to release anything that is negativity impacting your community or our world. The more of us that purge negativity from the earth plane the more we raise the collective consciousness for everyone. Peace on earth. 

Let go, let love. The self and others. Don't hold back.


A full moon ritual couches the energy in intention and focus. Really focus in on what you have been working on, what you desire and what has been holding you back. Make intentions to really grow and launch into dreams. Don't deny yourself or hold back. Make big plans, clear old deep seeded pain. Shoot for the stars! This energy is too strong not to make big intentions. Use this energy to really call it in with intention and to surrender up anything in your life that's holding you or your relationships down or back that is based in fear energy.

This could be financial issues, addictions, toxic relationships, drama, worry, stress, negative behaviour patters. Whatever it is as we release it under the full moon we declare we no longer wish for it to be in our lives and we are open to heal and change to release it completely. 

By drawing down on the full moon energy we give our intentions rocket fuel! Particularly in super moon energy. Remember its up to you when the changes show up to recognise them and make them. So reflect deeply and make sure whatever you ask for you are really ready to release and change. 

A full moon ritual must begin on or after the time that the full moon begins so you are in the energy. The most potent time is the four hours after the full moon begins and the four days following. 

Please visit www.timeanddate.com to determine the exact time of the full moon for you.


1. Create a sacred space....light candles, burn aromatherapy oils www.rachawhite.com.au/aromathearpy), sage, play music and get yourself in a really positive head space. Think about all the wonderful things in your life and spend a moment being grateful for what you do have. The more positive you and your environment are he easier your thought forms are carried to the divine. You raise your vibration and the vibration of your space which in turn elevates your intentions to the divine on a really high frequency.

2. Write out your intentions. List all your intentions you wish to release and purge from your life. Under a Full Moon we release anything that is no longer working for us or serving us. It is essential that you use the word "Intention' the word intention is a powerful word of creation. It is with intention that you create. So at the top of a piece of paper write.. Dear God, Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides, Buddha, (whomever you call on spiritually)

…”My intention is to release with the greatest  intention and love.....

You may just have one intention that you wish to focus all your energy on or you may have a few. Up to you.

I place of couple of drops of my archangel aromatherapy oils to raise the intentions vibrations.

3. Visualise your intentions. As you write each one, sit back and close your eyes and visualise what your life would be like with the released intention gone. It’s a very positive visualisation. What I like to call a 'mini mind movie' of everything you desire already manifest. 

4. Release intentions to be realised. Burn or submerse list in water rip up the list of intentions. you release them to your angels, God the Universe whomever you feel spiritually aligned with so they can be realised. We don't want to hold onto our intentions. You can make a copy so you can refer back to them.

5. Time for action using your intuition.  Use your intuition to determine signs related to your purge. Tune in and notice the signs. Remember there are no coincidences everything is happening for a reason. Particularly because you asked for it. You placed a big order and your Spiritual guides will come back to you with the actions you need to take to make your intentions come to fruition. So pay attention. They are trying to reach you.

6. Be open to change:You may need to make some big life changes which will be confronting and challenging but its all part of releasing what is no longer serving you. A time for healing that we are all do together with the loving power of the full moon.

Release from your life the old fear energy to allow for new positive intentions and manifestations to fill up your life with loving desires. The more fear we release the more love we can manifest and draw toward us. Sending you all my love on this very special super moon. My intention is that all of your deepest, biggest, dreams and desires are realised abundantly. Much love, 

Blessings, Rxx


rachael white

Rachael is an international spiritual life coach, clairvoyant, and spiritual healer. She supports those who seek to  spiritual  and life transformation in the areas of spirituality, business, healing, wellness and spiritual development. Her spiritual life coaching program is called I AM a Soul Champion and she works on one on with you to support all areas of your life for transformation and healing. She is an entrepreneur and has developed the worlds first Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions. She works with people across Australia and the world. To join the program please contact her at www.rachaelwhite.com.au/contact 

Blessings, Rxxx

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