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This is a beautiful message from your Archangel...


This is a beautiful message from your Archangel Metatron…Determination, willpower, self control are your strengths for conquering your fear. If you have been putting in the effort & the results seem to be taking its time & your at risk of giving in. Dig deep my friend. Stay focused. Archangel Metatron wants you to know you have what it takes. Push on as things are about to accelerate. It’s in that moment when you want to give up that you can move deep into your power & the miracles arrive. Balance, hard work with a sprinkle of determination will see you rewarded. Possibly even public acknowledgement. Bonus! Go for it, keep going. Metatron is with you every step of the way. Rxxx www.rachaelwhite.com.au #determination #willpower #selflove #selfcontrol #success #miracles #digdeep #hardworkpaysoff #angels #metatron #powerful #fearless #angelmessages #rachaelwhitearomatherapy #rachaelwhiteclairvoyant Once again a massive thank you to @radleighvalentine & @doreenvirtue for the divine Archangel Power Tarot they are my current fave & the energy from them is really powerful. Thank you so much xxx

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