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Rachael White Announces Preferred Practitioner: Healing Hotels of the World

Rachael White Announces Preferred Practitioner: Healing Hotels of the World

In 2012 I discovered the Healing Hotels of the World. I fell in love. I was in awe and inspired by the Healing Hotels brand and the vision of the Co-Founders Anne Biging and Elizabeth Ixmeier. I actually wrote on my vision board that I would like to work with Healing Hotels of the World one day. Well, that day has come. I am thrilled to announce I am now a Preferred Practitioner Partner of Healing Hotels of the World.

Anne Biging and Elisabeth Ixmeier, founders Healing Hotels of the World have a vision....

'It is our vision that guests of a Healing Hotel become whole again in body, mind and soul, freeing them to enjoy the sacredness and abundance of life.

From mountain to beach to tropical environment, from the ancient wisdom of India to the healing effects of the Australian bush, from medical checks and Yoga to meditation and quiet walks through nature: Healing Hotels of the World has partner hotels on all five continents that share a passion to facilitate your quest for the enhancement of life itself.

Find a variety of ways to help you relax, rejuvenate, learn about and improve your health. Reconnect with yourself, and experience new dimensions of wellbeing that lead to a life-long transformation into a healthier, happier, more balanced you.

Achieve this through holistic spa treatments, improvement of fitness in ways both ancient and cutting-edge, health consultations, daily schedules and life style coaching. Find support through the overall healing ambience of the place: the beauty and highest standard of accommodation, utmost care in service, healthy and healing cuisine, and stunning nature.

"In our own search for a holistic and healing lifestyle we have brought together the most exclusive, authentic and whole person orientated resorts and hotels from all over the world. We have experienced for ourselves, their programmes, environment and tailored approach in supporting people towards enhanced health, happiness and balance in their lives.

The wellbeing services that our properties offer are fully committed to your personal needs. Hotels of the World is the only global brand that has established and successfully implemented authentic and quality driven criteria for the environment and delivery of holistic health and wellbeing services. We do this to ensure that your experience is always meaningful and genuinely anchored to whole body healing." Founders, Anne Biging & Elisabeth Ixmeier

My partnership with Healing Hotels of the World aligns with their vision and supports my vision to to raise human consciousness through vibrational and energetic healing remedies. As a healer and light worker my intention is to be of service and through the energy, intention and alignment with Healing Hotels of the World I am able to do this with a greater capacity to reach more people across the  globe.

The Healing Hotels of the World partnership also serves as a reminder to hold an unwavering focus and knowing with your own intentions that dreams, intentions and visions boards do come true. Anne and Elisabeth Ixmeier are in my mind are healing visionaries who have created heaven on earth all around the world with more and more slices of heaven being added all the time. I am deeply grateful to be apart of this vision.

If you are looking for a unique holistic healing experience and holiday you have to put Healing Hotels on your travel and wellness agenda. 

Stay tuned as our partnership grows and flourishes for many wonderful things to come. 

Please visit the Healing Hotels of the World website to view my Preferred Partnership  http://healinghotelsoftheworld.com/preferred-partners


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