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Opening the Door to a new way of healing.

Opening the Door to a new way of healing.

Healing to me is a journey to wellness. When my husband and child where ill for years I felt powerless. I had navigated the health system desperately searching for the answers and in the end I was told ‘sorry there is nothing more we can do for you’.  As a mother, wife my heart was shattered and I was confused. How is it possible that this could be my life and my child and husband would spend a lifetime being ill? After I worked through the sadness I became determined to find a way to heal my family. I knew there had to be an answer.

Little did I realise that this journey was the catalyst for my own spiritual awakening. Over the course of time I worked with the angels and my spirit guides to get very clear guidance on how both my husband and son needed to be healed. My life was changed forever. The Archangels, my guardian angels, my spirit guides and the Ascended Masters who are previous saints, prophets and deities came into my life and over the course of a few years they taught me how to heal and to this day they are still teaching me. Everyday I learn something new. My life changed and I became a full time spiritual healer. I just want to shout it from the roof tops and to help everyone I couldnt wait to help others. Whilst I was apprehensive coming out of the “Spiritual Closet” because what I do for a living  flys in the face of convention.  I was excited that my family was healed and I wanted to help others and dedicate my life to being a spiritual healer.

Spiritual healing is a journey using an holistic approach that works with the mind, body, spirit and space for complete wellness. When I refer to spirit I refer to your spiritual body such as the aura which is the ‘light body’. The human aura or energy field that surrounds your body and has been written about since earliest times. Human beings are composed of duality, being both physical and spiritual in nature; the physical being, the body, exists at a lower rate of vibration; the spiritual being, the psychic body and aura, exists in both the physical and spiritual plane at a very high vibration.


The human energy field or aura that surrounds both the physical and spiritual body contains many energy centres within it. These energy centres are called ‘Chakras’ from the Sanskrit world meaning ‘wheels of light’. There are 130 energy centres associated with the human body. These energy centres also link to parts to the body. Seven of these Chakras or energy centres are the major chakras which are important to your overall health and wellness. As a spiritual healer I can see your aura and chakras so see whats going on with you physically, emotionally and spiritually. I can clear, balance and heal your energy centres.  I do this by brining in healing energy from angels, guides and Ascended masters through me and out of my body into your body for healing. This energy flows down my arms, into my hands and out of my palms and fingers. I am basically a vessel for divine energy.  Essentially you have an increase of healing energy from the divine healing essence that triggers the release of your own internal healing energies.


Spiritual healing also includes space. How does this work? Well,  your space can make you very unwell. Negative energies can affect your health and wellbeing. This area of spiritual healing is called spirit release. You may have experienced “Psychic attack”.  This involves and external energy that can negatively affect your sense of wellbeing. It can therefore come from environmental factors as well as from living people. You may also have a Spirit Attachment which is the presence of a living or deceased entity or object in your aura or energy field. You may have a Possession where an entity has entered a persons body and lodged within it. Or lastly you may have a haunting which applies to buildings, sites, objects and involves for example ghosts, poltergeists and imprints. A spiritual healer can clear the energy.

So what does a Spiritual healer do?

As a spiritual healer I have been taught by my angels and spirit guides how to heal others and how to support others to heal themselves. I am being taught new things all the time and I can teach others for complete wellness.

A spiritual healer has a varied role and uses a number of different therapies that support the mind, body, spirit and space healing. For me these include Angel Healing, Clairvoyance, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, Counseling and Aromatherapy just to name a few. In fact, I have clients that come to me with all a variety of physical, emotional, spiritual concerns and as healer I am able to access the guidance and knowledge to support any healing.

For example Spirit release is the process of releasing or rescuing entities found with people, on land, in building and objects. As a spiritual healer I was shown by the angels and guides how to perform this work. This work is done in a very compassionate and loving way. I do this work all around the world.

I also receive clear guidance from the angels, guides and Ascended Masters on what people need to do to heal. By using my clairvoyance and channelling I can get clear guidance on what is required. I communicate this with my clients and we begin the journey together to heal physical, emotional or spiritual concerns.


Spiritual healers can use a variety of therapies to support healing. I have only provided a couple of examples. The healing process can be quick or it can unfold gradually over some time.

Some examples of the variety of healings:


Recently a mother came to me with concerns about her child’s nightmares. If a child or anyone is experiencing nightmares it generally means that there is some spiritual activity around. After working with the child and the space the nightmares stopped.


Another client approached me with a rash on her hand. She had tried everything, diet, creams and numerous doctors with no luck. After meeting with me I received clear guidance on the course of action and over an eight week period the rash disappeared.


A client approached me about how she felt stuck, depressed and unmotivated and on some days just couldn't get out of bed. She had an unusual physical ailment that she wanted to explore alternative healing for. Over the period of nine months we explored a variety of healings with very successful.


It is a privilege to be a spiritual healer. My clients are brave, dedicated, open, and passionate about seeking the answers and doing the healing required for their own health, wellness and happiness. I feel blessed that I am able to work with them. They are always committed to the process. Spiritual healing is empowering, unconventional, powerful, divine intervention that opens up the doors a whole new world of healing.  If you would like to book in for a healing consultation with Rachael please call 0402848810 or visit the website www.rachaelwhite.com.au

Love, light and eternal wellness xx


About Rachael

Rachael White is Clairvoyant/Healer. As a child her knowing of the divine and spiritual life has always been there yet it is only over the last ten years that she has really brought forward her spirituality due to the effect that using it has had on her life. Divine guidance saved her husband from mental illness and a life of depression and through working with Angels and Spirit Guides she has also been able to heal her son’s severe eczema after the medical profession had given up.

For Rachael this is not something that is a bit of fun that she can dabble in now and then her spirituality is how she chooses to live her life and she wishes to provide her wisdom, learning and spiritual guidance with those that wish to receive it.

Rachael holds a Bachelor of Business (BBus), Postgraduate studies in Psychology, Positive Psychology and Wellness & Lifestyle.Rachael is a certified Advanced Angel Intuitive (AI) and holds professional certification in Mental Health First Aid. Rachael has attained certification in Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies at the Aromatherapy College of Australia.

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