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Manifesting Rituals- Powerful and Potent

Manifesting Rituals- Powerful and Potent

Its a NEW MOON tomorrow my lovely people. The last New Moon for 2015. I have a special announcement and discount for you so read on.....

I am a manifesting lover. I love to work with energy in a way that serves to heal but also to create and manifest my biggest dreams and desires. I also love to share what I have been taught by my angels and spiritual guides about manifestation.

During my years of private practice as a I have been fortunate to coach wonderful clients who never cease to amaze me. The level of commitment to healing and transformation is both personally and professionally a delight to behold. As a healing professional I offer my guidance and support and bring in guidance from the archangels and guides for clients for healing and transformation. This is a divine privilege. The actual day to day healing and transformation is taken up by the client with commitment and dedication to spiritual wellness and holistic healing. 

Manifesting rituals are powerful and potent aspect of healing and transformation. Healing shifts our vibration into a higher vibration creating an opportunity to manifest from a higher vibration. Manifesting from a high vibration brings about our intentions faster. 

We are coming into the perfect time for manifesting:

The final New Moon for 2015 will kick off tomorrow at 9.30pm. This is a wonderful time to do your final manifestations for 2015.

On Christmas Day at 10.11am the final Full Moon for 2015 will shine her light and take from us all that no longer serves us. This will clear our energy to allow us to manifest wonderful new moon and new year intentions

On Sunday 10th January 2016 at 12.30pm the first New Moon for 2016 will roll in.

LIVE BROADCAST: NEW MOONRITUAL MANIFESTING RITUAL: Set intentions for 2016 : 10th January @ 7pm.

I will be holding a live broadcast on the first New Moon for 2016 on January 10th at 7pm to conduct a New Moon Manifesting Ritual to set intentions for 2016. I would love you to join me for this wonderful event. I will be live on Periscope and via Twitter.

Its time to stock up on your archangel aromatherapy oils for this wonderful event and to give a gift for Chrissy I have a special Chrissy offer.

SPECIAL OFFER UNTIL DECEMBER 17th: 15% OFF : Free Delivery on all archangel aromatherapy: Purchase online using the code CH15 at the checkout.

STOCK UP on Archangel Aromatherapy for your Rituals: The archangels guided me to develop the organic aromatherapy perfume prescriptions to support the process of healing, transformation and manifestation. When you diffuse the oils in the space whilst conducting your New Year and New Moon manifesting ritual you create a potent and positive channel for all your intentions to travel on and to connect into. A manifesting ritual couched in positive intention, high vibration and light that aligns astrologically using aromatherapy is a powerful and potent source of energy.

Allow time this holiday period to  give energy to manifesting you intentions for 2016. The New Moon on January 10th will be the perfect time to set your intentions for 2016. 

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