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Its New Moon Manifesting Time! This Saturday 8th June

Its New Moon Manifesting Time! This Saturday 8th June

You can use the powerful astrological timing cycles of the new moon to manifest all of your desires. It is really, really important that you are clear about your intentions and what you wish to manifest. Manifesting is about deciding what we choose for our life and what we wish to create. We do this from a place of happiness and an absolute knowing without a shadow of doubt that all we desire will be manifest. For centuries farmers across the universe have planted crops by the moon cycles The moon aligns with the Sun aprrox every twenty nine a d a half days. This is know as the New Moon. The New Moon represents a time of growth. It is a powerful time for manifestation and for starting new ventures successfully. So my friends it is a New Moon this Saturday 8th of June. I will update you as we get closer. Start your list of dream intentions that you wish to manifest. Avoid using the word 'want' because 'wanting' will leave you 'wanting' . Instead use the word 'Choose" or "Intend'. For example.... Dear God, Angels, Universe "My intention is to find a new job. I choose for this to happen now. My intention is secure a job that I really enjoy. In fact I enjoy it so much I really love going to work everyday". 

"My intention is to meet my soulmate. My soulmate will love me for who I am. We will blissfully share our lives together".

"My intention is to get married and have children. Now' Thank you

"My intention is to never worry again. I give all my worries to God, Angels and Universe. Whenever I slip into worry I notice and pull myself back always. "

These are just examples. Start thinking about your intentions and making up a draft list ready for Saturday night! Rxx

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