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Its Full Moon Friday ....Let go


Full Moon kicked in today at 3.30pm. WOW! Its been a rough week. Lots of people have been calling in or talking about all the 'stuff' thats come up for them this week. The full moon really is a double edge sword. It has the capacity to bring to the surface everything that needs to be looked at, healed, reflected on, talked about, addressed and so on. It can be confronting and make us feel agitated, frustrated and uneasy and at times feel a little of course. 

It's a good thing because the full moon as she becomes fuller draws up from deep within your consciousness your 'stuff' and so it can be released for more positive energy can manifest in its place.

Here is a flash back to an old youtube video I did on the Full Moon Ritual.  Please feel free to subscribe. I am going to be turning my hand to a lot more Vlogging in the next couple of weeks so subscribe, tune in and please comment on what other topics you would like to hear from me.

Let go of everything that no longer serves you my friend. Happy Friday Full Moon. Let go, let love, Rxxx

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