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Its a Full Moon, Blood, Super, Eclipse, Tetrad in the Equinox..

Its a Full Moon, Blood, Super, Eclipse, Tetrad in the Equinox..


I am having the best week.....The moon energy is potent, powerful, polarising and exhilarating!

Can you feel it? 

As you know the week leading up to the full moon can bring up a lot of confronting energies that need dealing with. This full moon week has been different. Its still drawing forth, up and unleashing the exhilarating, creative and inspiring. 

I am not an astrologer however I am very sensitive to the moons energy as I know most of you who follow me are also. This week I have spent time with generous, creative, kind, hearted, soul inspiring light workers Healers, Metaphysicians, Creatives, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Yogis, Alchemists..... all divine teachers and healers bring potent energy in unity with other light workers in service to the people and the planet. Deeply grateful.

This full moon is very special. Don't waste its energy my friends. It is yours for the taking and it is rising up with the most divine energy. Take it deep into your consciousness.

On Monday afternoon in Australia the Blood, Super Moon, Eclipse will beam down its energetic power, potency and it will be polarising.

This is a rare full moon is ten times stronger than your normal full moon it is a rare sequence of four total lunar eclipses called a tetrad. 

It is in Aries and you may find new experiences, creating individual expression and taking a risk in exploring the unknown.  I feel this is a powerful and potent energy that will polarise the next chapter and get you closer to your dreams by supporting the opportunity to Let go of all that no longer serves you. Abundance is assured as you harness this potent, powerful and deeply supportive yet exhilarating energy.

Stay tuned for my Full Moon Ritual and channelled message.

Let go, let light

Sending you moon beams of love vibrations, Rxxx

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