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It’s a full moon today lovely souls. I have a message from the...


It’s a full moon today lovely souls. I have a message from the Archangel Michael….Release the past. You will grow from this situation. Time heals all wounds. Sometimes healing really hurts deep in your heart. The pain can be deep & relentless. Don’t shut off the feeling go with the pain. Ride it out & really allow it to surface so you can heal deeply.This will release its energy from your heart. Forgive who or what ever is the source of pain & take the lessons & love. Call on Archangel Michael & Archagel Raphael to help you process the pain & heal. When your in that place find comfort in knowing it is only temporary & you will grow from the experience. Take time to allow yourself to heal. To speed up the healing process apply the Archangel Raphael prescription perfume No.2 Healing perfume oil & Archael Michael’s No. 1 Clear & Protect. Apply to the body or a couple of drops to a a bath to transmute pain energy from the energetic body. You can purchase the Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions online at www.rachaelwhite.com.au Sending out love filled with healing. Rxxxx #heart #timeheals #nolongerservesyou #fullmoon #rachaelwhiteclairvoyant #spirituallywell #healing #lightworker #indigo #archangelaromatherapy #archangelmichael #angels #angelreadings #crystals #release #soulchampion #soul #organicperfume #archangelprescription #angelicperfume #energy #energyhealing #raphael #michael #higherstateofconsciousness #melbourne #mindbodyspirit #doreenvirtue #radleighvalentine Thank you to @doreenvirtue & @radleighvalentine or the Archangel Power Tarot Cards used in this reading. I love this deck it has a potency & live energy that’s power & direct. This is my new favourite deck. Love it, grateful ️ (at Melbourne, Australia)

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