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Healing suicidal depression with Past Life Regression Therapy


How to Live a Spiritually Guided Life Workshop Series

Past Life Therapy

Ben is a When Ben was experiencing suicidal depression, the concept of reincarnation and Past Life Regression therapy was the furthest thing from his mind.

In fact, trying to keep himself functioning was about all he could focus on as he wrestled with his depression and anxiety. 

He had tried everything, exercise, diet, medication and extensive psychological therapy, but nothing was really curing the cause.

Through extended periods of meditation the angelic realm and spirit guides showed him how to heal his depression using a number of spiritual therapies, and in particular Past Life Regression Therapy.

Rachael and Ben will be conducting a Past Life Regression Workshop as part of the How to Live a Spiritual Guided Life Workshop series.

Past Life Regression is a powerful healing therapy that can support your healing, spiritual and personal growth in a number of ways.

    •    Healing phobias and fears.

    •    Healing negative and emotional behaviour patterns

    •    Physical healing of unexplained health issues and pains.

    •    Understanding relationships and relationship patterns that carry through from Past Lives into this life.

    •    Bringing forth talents, gifts, skills and attributes from Past Lives into this life.

    •    Removing blocks to skills, gifts, and attributes from Past Lives allowing you to flourish in this life.

 Rachael and Ben have conducted many Past Life Regressions for clients based out of their practice in Newtown. Many clients felt it was impossible for them to relax and allow themselves the opportunity to experience the Past Life Regression. Ben has developed an extensive process using the method taught to him by the Archangels to offer clients Past Life Regression Therapy remotely. 

This is the second last workshop in the How to live a Spiritually Guided Life workshop series. Come along and learn about this powerful healing therapy that you can use on yourself or on your clients. The workshop will be hosted at Dr Earth, 287-289 King Street, Newtown on Saturday 27th September from 3.00pm-4.30pm. Tickets are $65.00

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  • Rachael White
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  • Bobby Saint
    Bobby Saint

    Interesting article. I like the fact that through this type of therapy, it could support your healing, spiritual and personal growth such as phobias and fears. I would certainly recommend this to my friends and family if necessary. Thanks. http://heartflamehealing.com/aura-and-past-lives-healing/

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