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Good Morning, our Angels have a message this morning. If you need...


Good Morning, our Angels have a message this morning. If you need assistance with anything in your life be it finding a new job, home, more financial abundance, healing, relationship, parenting or even guidance for your business Angels are available to assist. This card is a reminder that each & everyone of us can tap into the loving guidance of our guardian angels or Archangels for absolutely anything. The law of free will does not allow Angels to assist us unless invited to do so. It is important for you to ask them for help. We don’t worship Angels we call on them like loving friends by praying to them, calling on them in meditation or just think talking to them or talking out loud (common for me if trying to locate a good parking spot & need some the angelic help) or writing to them. There really is no right or wrong way but to allow them to assist & give them the green light you need to ask. Don’t hold back with your asking either. Angels love to help us it is their purpose to support us. Personally & professionally I have been working with Angels & everything in my life changed forever. I have seen this over & over again in my practice with clients. Angels are by your side ready & waiting to help. Angelic love & guidance is limitless. You can use your archangel prescription oils to send out a high vibrational signal to your Angels when you diffuse or wear the angelic perfume from my archangel aromatherapy range. Rxx Www.rachaelwhite.com.au #angels #archangels #healing #angelicguidance #angelsrock #highvibrations #peace #meditation #love #limitless #rachaelwhiteclairvoyant #soul #spiritualwellness #angelreading thank you @doreenvirtue for the Angel therapy cards used in this reading .#love #doreenvirtue #archangelaromatherapy #organicperfumeprescription #organicaromatherapy

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