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Did you know you can curse yourself?

Did you know you can curse yourself?
Thats right my friends. When we become angry or disappointed about how things are going in our lives. Intense anger energy can manifest in a psychic attack. We can attack ourselves and others. When someone is really angry with us, they may unknowingly or consciously send negative energy our way. A really powerful person who is super upset about something can send psychic fireballs. This psychic attack shows up in peoples etheric bodies and I can see it! It can be very debilitating for some people causing pain the body. It can also leave you feeling tired and run down and not really understanding why. So be kind to your good self dont be too hard on yourself and be careful of your own anger and sending someone psychic attack. If you feel you have been attacked or cursed psychically why not come and have a healing session with me.

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