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Cleansing, blessing & clearing the energy in your home...

Cleansing, blessing & clearing the energy in your home...
Use the cosmic energy of the full moon & super moon to give your space a good old clearing, cleansing and blessing. Lift the vibration of your space. 

As a Clairvoyant/Medium I help people clear negative spirit, entities, ghosts from their homes, and businesses. But we can also create a lot of negative energy with conflict, negative tv programming, and negative thinking. Once the energy is cleared I encourage people to not only keep their own energy clear & positive but to regularly clear the energy in their home or business so as to maintain a high vibrational and positive energy. Because, positive energy will support you to bring wonderful blessings into your life as you wont have to wade through old, built up negative energy to bring your manifestations into the light.

That said, a big clean of the house along with a nice big energetic clearing of your space a wonderful ritual on a full moon & super moon which as we all know is coming this Saturday.

So here are a couple of tips to raise the vibration of your home and clear the energy.

1. Burn White Sage Smudge Stick- the sacred smoke of sage has been traditionally used by Native North and South American cultures to cleanse and clear away negative energy. This a powerful clearing tool. Sage your home, sage your computer, phone, T.V. Anywhere that negative energy may have come in. Or if you have had any conflict or negative thinking. You ignite the end of the sage stick and blow gently on the end to create embers. This releases a steady flow of smoke. Move around the house filling each room with smoke. Focus on getting into the corners of each space as negative energy tends to collect in corners. If you would like to purchase some sage please visit my online store http://www.rachaelwhite.com.au/shop/white-sage-smudge-stick-with-lavendar 

or pop into your local new age store and get some before Saturday. 

2. Play Music- Playing music positively raises the vibration of the space. The vibration from music clears and blocks negative energy in a space.

3. White Candles- Light white candles and burn them all through your home. This purifies the space.

4. Affirmations, Blessings & Intentions 

Call on Archangel Michael he is the Archangel of Protection and he assists with clearing negative energy. Call on Archangel Jophiel she is a powerful angel of beauty and she infuses your space with positivity and beauty. Before you move around your house for the big clean and clear. State this affirmation before you begin to invoke angelic support......

"It is my divine intention to clear and cleanse my space. Archangel Michael & Archangel Jophiel stay with me as I cleanse and clear my home. As I move through this space clearing away all negativity and bringing in positive energy please lift the vibration ofmy home to a beautiful high vibration. Fill my space with love and peaceful energy making it a powerful positive space for manifesting Thank you"

5. Archangel Organic Essential Oils- Essential oils one of natures most powerful resources for space clearing. The vibration of essential oils is so high it will elevate the frequency of your space to allow for other high vibrating energy to be attracted to the space. That is how energy works. “Like attracts like”. By using the Archangel Aromatherapy oils and mists you invite the Archangels into your life, to heal you at a cellular level, communicate with you, provide loving support, guidance and clear your space. To purchase my oils and mists you can do so at my website www.rachaelwhite.com.au 

Happy Super Moon Space Clearing Rxxx

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