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*****Angel Message***** Your home & office can become...


*****Angel Message*****
Your home & office can become cluttered & our fear based thoughts trapped in our space. This can leave you feeling can blocked.Clear away the clutter. Sort, donate, recycle & clear away anything taking up space as it is blocking your creatively, prosperity & abundance. Burn sage & call on Archangel Jophiel by diffusing her No.4 Positivity oil in your space. Not only will it clear energy it will raise your vibration as it interacts with your aura & into the limbic brain. The energy of your space will uplift the vibration attracting more positivity your way. You can purchase No.4 Positivity at www.rachaelwhite.com.au #wellness #clearyourspace #organicaromatherapy #vibration #raisevibration #energy #ego #creativity #prosperity #howtoliveaspirituallyguidedlife #healing #holistichealing #clearenergy #angels #archangeljophiel Thsnk you @doreenvirtue for the beautiful Archangel Oracle cards used in this reading.

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