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***Angel Message*** A Course of Miracles states" you are a...


***Angel Message***
A Course of Miracles states" you are a miracle, capable of creating in the likeness of your creator" . Whatever your beliefs in God, be it energy, oneness, old guy sitting up in heaven we human beings and our capacity as humans is miraculous. As a mother it was child birth that really showed me how truly amazing the design of my body was. But it has been through my spiritual practice of living a spiritually guided life that I see how truly amazing we all are. The Angels want you to stand in your power. Don’t let the events of terror disempower you or dim your light. Your divine inner light is God’s handiwork of perfection. God or Creator didn’t roll out a second hand model it made each of us with the same gear as the creator. Don’t be afraid of this power, your magnificence or your inner wisdom. Stay true to the essence of who you are. Be powerful! Be magnificent! This is who you are. Beam on light worker. Rxxx #god #selflove #courseofmiracles #miracles #beamlight #powerful #angels #archangelaromatherapy #lightworker #crystalchild #indigo #indigochild #light #lightlover #perfectdesign #creator #energy #vibrationalmedicine #miracle
A big that you to @doreenvirtue for my old faves the Archangel Oracle Cards used for this reading. #doreenvirtue #archangels #angelicprescription #innerwisdom #rachaelwhiteclairvoyant www.rachaelwhite.com.au

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