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Accelerate your manifestations

Accelerate your manifestations
Create a sacred divine space in & around you that accelerates your manifestations. Using the archangel aromatherapy creates a high vibe channel to the divine & raises the vibration of the space & you to allow intentions to move at high speed. You align with the high vibe of archangels. A sacred divine space is an essential ingredient of your New Moon ritual. Send your intentions express post by diffusing oils in your space, wearing the perfume body oils, or taking a hot bath with a few drops that will clear residual energy in the aura & penetrate deep into the body & mind as you inhale the divine aromas. Purchase online at ARCHANGEL AROMATHERAPY . We also sell exclusively through Spa & Wellness partners across Australia & globe that offer the Signature Archangel Rituals for details visit the Spa & Wellness Partners

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