"You are holding a treasure in your hands. This treasure can transform your life, the lives of your loved ones, and, if you are a therapist, your clients. You will fall in love with Rachael, her oils, her inspirations, her understanding and her Archangels, as I have. But mostly, you will fall incredibly in love with yourself and your new way of being in the world." Kirien Withers-Founding Author Spa and Wellness titles, Spa Guru- Australia and New Zealand 

It is not unusual for family to face health issues. Most will turn to conventional medicine to a least treat if not cure them. But what happens when those methods don't work? In fact, instead of getting better, they get worse.

This is what happened to author Rachael White and her family. In her book I AM a Soul Champion: How to live a spiritually guided life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity, and Archangel Aromatherapy. Rachael provides an account of her extraordinary life changing journey to heal her family's so called incurable illnesses. 

She shares the knowledge and wisdom she gained after she opened up to living a spiritually guided life. I AM a Soul Champion is a practical guide for using intuition, healing and manifesting along with the archangel aromatherapy prescriptions. Rachael has distilled the information into a combination of healing guides, teachings and easy to use daily practices and rituals.

A soul champion is someone who understands that he or she is more than just mind and body. Rachael believes that everyone has the ability to access healing and guidance from angels and spiritual guides in order to heal, co-create and manifest in every aspect of life. 


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